This month we celebrate National Small Business Week (May 12th through 16th), which commemorates the unique role that small businesses play in innovation and job creation. So to all fellow small businesses, congratulations! Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in the world.

One Stop ShopDo you remember the “one-stop-shop” concept? The term originated in the United States in the early 1930’s to describe a business model that offered customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location, instead of having to “drive all over town” to attain related services at different stores. I recall when one-stop-shopping became popular again in the technology sector in the 1990’s. Companies would bundle an assortment of products & services to leverage a value-added services model. This allowed participating companies to deliver convenience and simplicity to their clients, while at the same time distancing themselves from competitors with a differentiated value proposition.

Fast forward to 2014 where the tech-sector is booming again, and bombarding us with a plethora of “cloud-based” products & services. These “hosted” offerings promise to provide organizations with a wealth of feature / functionality at a fraction of the cost. This includes primarily voice & data applications. But keep in mind, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all situations when it comes to technology solutions. You need to do your own research and homework to find the best overall fit for your requirements.

So how do you cut through all of the noise and find something that’s meaningful? Have you come across any great value-added tech solutions lately? We recently did at the annual IDeACOM conference, which was held earlier this month in San Antonio, TX. Intermedia, the world’s largest single provider for cloud IT services and business applications rolled out their Office in the Cloud™ solution.

For our clients that have benefited from AccessLine SIP trunk & Hosted VoIP solutions, this would be a cost-effective, natural progression. You can maximize your savings by combining services that you use every day to run your business and communicate with your clients. Things like voice services, email, nightly backup, fax, VPN, sync between devices, conferencing, and business app’s, with built-in data protection & security. All in one place; truly a one-stop-shop experience!

You can always rely on the specialists at IDeACOM to help you understand the pros and cons of your specific situation. IDeACOM Communications Group is a uniquely positioned local VoIP service provider with a nationwide; check that, worldwide reach. We’ve become the VoIP specialists that you continue to depend on with confidence. Let us know how we can help you maximize your results with today’s technology and business solutions.

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