Last month we discussed how “the cloud” can help YOUR business.

This month I want to talk about how “you” can help YOUR business.

It’s going to get a bit personal though. And for good reason…

Let me start with some questions:

  1. Do you feel that you’re working too hard? Or spending too much time at work?
  2. Are you spinning your wheels, and working “less” productively than you expect?
  3. Have you been “hitting the wall”; too often, or too soon?
  4. Are you frustrated with your results, and the results your team is getting?
  5. Is creativity and innovation suffering?

Hey, isn’t this blog supposed to be about technology? Well, yes. But I want to expose an underlying problem that could be undermining you and your company’s ability to make a difference.

Stay with me to see if you only have some early symptoms, or may be infected and need help.

Just a few more questions:

  1. How’s your health?
  2. How about your energy level throughout the day?
  3. What are you doing to take care of yourself?

I’m a phone guy by trade, and a health nut by choice. And based on many years of experience in both areas, I have a wealth of helpful information and insight to share.

So in this post, I’d like to focus on YOU! Specifically, what you’re doing consistently to help yourself.

No, this is not about being selfish, or trying to make anyone feel guilty. And it’s not about every man for himself.

This message could be life-saving.

I want you to consider the value of putting your mask on first (to borrow something from the airline industry). I’m a big fan of this example as a metaphor because it’s SO relevant to our health & wellness. Which coincidentally, directly impacts our ability to be our absolute best, and fire on all cylinders at work; or not.

You know the example about putting your mask on first. After the cabin door closes and before takeoff, the flight attendants go through a routine safety demonstration. First, they instruct us that an oxygen mask will drop from overhead if there’s a loss in cabin pressure. Then they proceed to tell us what to do and how to put our mask on.

And the next part is crucial…

They tell us, “If you are traveling with small children or someone that needs assistance, to put our mask on first before helping to secure their mask”.

I’m not going to get into the details, only to say that it seems blatantly obvious. But far too many people are too busy jumping at every situation to help others, while they neglect themselves. Clients, employees, co-workers, family, friends, strangers…

Am I trying to say it’s wrong to help others? No, not at all! That’s definitely not the point I’m trying to make. Helping others is an important and essential part of our work, and life in general.

But the degree to which we can help others is significantly impeded by poor health, that’s been compounding over years from avoidance and (personal) neglect, by not “putting our mask on first”.

Let’s face it, we can’t help anyone if we’re temporarily sidelined for medical reasons, which could result in occupying a bed in the hospital. Or worse, living in the cemetery full-time.

And our energy, productivity, creativity, planning, leadership, ability to solve problems, and deal with setbacks or surprises will all succeed or suffer depending on our health.

It’s important to take personal responsibility, and vital to realize it’s a TEAM effort. You need everyone’s contribution from the entire organization to successfully deliver your valuable solutions if you expect to exceed the expectations of your clients. So it’s up to everyone to make improving health & wellness a priority.

Think about the unbelievable results you could achieve together!

Need some motivation from the dark side?

History demonstrates a few of the things that can happen when we neglect to put our mask on first. Things like:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Early death

It’s never too late to start helping yourself.

Here are a few articles from my personal health & wellness initiative.

If this strikes a chord, you can find more information like this at

I hope you found value in this important topic. And I really hope you’ll join me and put your mask on first.

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