So you’ve probably read about some of the cool app’s for your computer that accompany a new voice over IP solution.  And while these VoIP systems inherently employ many productivity-enhancing and time-saving capabilities, we’re not here to bore you with a deep dive system feature tour.  My goal is to provide a Top 10 list of the Zultys MXIE app, which is one of the cleanest and most functional desktop applications on the market.  We hope this list is educational in that it helps you identify an area of interest, or teaches you something about MXIE that you didn’t already know, or helps you narrow your search as you evaluate competing platforms.

  1. Not only does MXIE allow you to work remotely very easily, you can choose to enable the built in softphone or bind to (aka “log into”) any phone that has outside dial tone including your cell phone.  So you can answer & transfer inbound calls during inclement weather in an Attendant capacity; or, place outbound calls through MXIE and send your company’s caller ID.
  2. Simplify your outbound dialing with the “highlight dial” feature.  Select the phone number with your mouse (in any document including Word & Excel, in your CRM software, in Outlook, on a website…); press CTRL-F12 and your call is placed.
  3. Outlook integration makes contact dialing a snap!  MXIE’s search tool gives you instant access to not only your Outlook contacts, but also includes everyone in your system directory, and all call log activity.
  4. Built in easy to use wizards allow you to activate find-me / follow-me, voice mail to email notification, and forwarding calls to your cell phone.
  5. Visual Voice Mail and a missed calls indicator keeps you on top of things.MXIE Screen Shot for January 2014 Newsletter - 1-24-14
  6. Your “buddy list” displays each user’s presence status (e.g. available, not available, in a meeting…), hook state (e.g. on the phone), a personal note they’ve entered regarding their availability or whereabouts, the ability to call them via double-click or send them an instant message via right-click, or simply transfer a call to them by dragging & dropping it.
  7. Easily schedule an audio or web conference with seamless integration to your Outlook calendar.  Your invite is populated with all of the relevant information including a unique 8-digit Conference ID, the call-in phone number, and the web URL (if it’s a web conference).
  8. An internal system directory displays all users in your system, or systems if you’re in a multi-site network.  The presence status, hook state and personal note regarding their availability and whereabouts is visible for each user.
  9. Desktop call control with your mouse & keyboard facilitates call transfers, parking & retrieving calls, recording calls, creating conference calls, and retrieving a live call out of voice mail.  Oh, and you can put calls on hold too.
  10. Optional desktop video conferencing with other MXIE users, regardless of their location greatly enhances collaboration.

Bonus:  Call recording has become such an important business application in recent years.  Regardless of whether you’ve deployed automatic or on demand recording, it becomes a game changer in so many ways when you apply creativity & imagination.  Call recording is still a tool for monitoring quality assurance in customer service; however, companies are finding ways to reduce liabilities, recapture lost revenue, and increase sales with call recording.  How can call recording help you?

Want to learn more about call recording, MXIE, or how to buy a phone system?  Contact us for more details, or ask for a copy of our Phone System Evaluator.  It’s a valuable tool that helps you quickly create a system specification and establish a true side-by-side comparison.  At IDeACOM we design, install and support VoIP systems and services every day.  Take advantage of our experience and expertise by requesting this free guide.

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