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VoIP phone systems

Technology is moving at warp speed!

So at IDeACOM, we specialize in ONE thing – VoIP phone systems!

And we focus on ONE thing – YOU!

We are uniquely capable to help you evaluate, select, and implement your next phone system.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4…


  1. has established long-term partnerships with some of the leading VoIP providers
  2. has extensive experience designing and installing phone systems, dating back to the 1980’s
  3. conducts pre-deployment testing to ensure the health of your network and broadband service
  4. performs a full, turnkey implementation with the VoIP platform that best meets your needs

Here’s the risk you face by not choosing IDeACOM…

If you sign up online with one of the highly advertised brands, you’re likely to get a crash-course in Phone System Installation 101, as they attempt to onboard you from a distant call center.

And the benefit if you do choose IDeACOM…

We truly care about your business and the success of your new system installation. Which is why we take care of everything, from start to finish!

We focus on you, so you can focus on your business and your clients.

Don’t go it alone – it’s too costly, frustrating, and time consuming.

Put IDeACOM’s experience and expertise to work for you today!

Are you the “do-it-yourselfer” type? If so, talk to us.

We can customize an implementation plan that’s just right for you.

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