Have you ever wondered if all Internet broadband solutions are created equal?

It’s a very simple answer…

There you have it – NO!

Which is why I’d like to talk about the difference between “best-effort” cable Internet service – and a dedicated, “mission-critical” broadband circuit.

The old adage rings true here…

“You get what you pay for”!

Over the past 20 years, we’ve become accustomed to spending $100 to $200 a month for business Internet services, which for some companies is adequate, but inferior for many others.

So I’m here to shed some light on the situation, and let you know that there are other options to consider and alternatives available to you.

Especially if you’ve contemplated making a change as a result of having chronic reliability issues, performance concerns, or speed degradation.

I think we all know about the cable company monopoly. And frankly, it’s hard to believe that it still exists in 2024 – where Comcast, Optimum, Spectrum, or whoever… own a certain geographic territory for providing service.

But what you may not know is that these territories are only designated by the FCC for basic, best-effort cable Internet services. There could be plenty of other broadband options available, but you wouldn’t know it without talking to IDeACOM.

Companies will usually look for broadband Internet when they’re:

  • contemplating a move/relocation,
  • expanding and need additional capacity,
  • or opening a new office.

The typical scenario is to have an office manager or IT person contact the local cable company for a quote.

And one of two things will usually happen:

  1. The local cable company will either provide you with a quote, or
  2. They’ll tell you they can’t provide service for the address requested.

Thanks to IDeACOM’s vast network, we can simplify this for you by sourcing a variety of broadband Internet options and presenting them in an organized summary that makes sense.

This allows you to review a list of providers with various broadband speeds and the associated monthly costs.

And when you find a solution that makes sense, IDeACOM will take the next 2 steps to coordinate the order and schedule the implementation process.

We do everything to…

I’ve summarized the process here to help you understand what’s possible.

If you have questions or would like to learn about available options for your company, please contact your IDeACOM representative for details.

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