For some, remote work from home can be challenging. Yet others find they’re able to focus better and remain super-productive.

In either case, there are times when management feels compelled to intervene, worrying that remote workers lack discipline and fall prey to too many temptations while working from home, making them less productive.

Whether that’s perception or reality, it’s still a genuine concern.

And of course, this could be one of those reasons why – lol…

But the intent of this post is to help those who embrace the concept of remote work to better understand how we can help.

Many of our clients have individuals or teams of people who work remotely. And do it successfully…

This includes part-time remote where they spend one to a few days a week working from home. And of course full-time remote where you rarely go to the office.

Your phone system plays an important role in both scenarios because maintaining communications internally and externally while you’re “working from anywhere” is essential.

If COVID taught us anything, I think we all learned that we can meet, communicate, and collaborate regardless of our location – as long as we have Internet access.

Of course this doesn’t include hands-on work (e.g. medical, transportation, production), but we all had to innovate (and reinvent in some cases) to survive that turbulent time.

The one common obstacle we face while deploying desk phones to work from home staff is location. Their work space is often on a different floor or on the other side of the house from their cable modem.

But not to worry, we have a few solutions that are easy and inexpensive to deploy, that include:

  • a Wi-Fi enabled desk phone
  • a desktop softphone application
  • a mobile app (aka your extension in your pocket)
  • and flexible call handling rules tailored to your specific situation

So if you find yourself concerned or challenged about how to engage in remote work effectively – for yourself or your team, contact your IDeACOM representative to have a conversation.

There’s a very good chance we can help!

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