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One of the top reasons for choosing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business communications is the many smart features it provides at a fraction of the cost. These features include such conveniences as voice mail, a virtual assistant, call recording, extensions, follow-me features, conference calling, and many more.

If your business already uses VoIP, your phones may be connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable. It may be time, however, for your business to adapt its physical phones from Ethernet to Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi is becoming the new standard in today’s business.

When your business goes wireless, determining desk locations, adding new employees, and worrying about your business layout are no longer dictated by wires and cables (which can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain). You probably don’t want to eliminate cables altogether, but relying on Wi-Fi can simplify your office setup significantly.

While Wi-Fi adapters will enable Wi-Fi on your VoIP phone, there are now a growing number of physical IP phone sets designed to work with Wi-Fi that can provide your business with audio and video capabilities that enhance collaboration, communications and productivity. Rather than you and your employees using your cell phones for all or part of your business communications, these new Wi-Fi-friendly IP phones can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your communications.

The types of Wi-Fi phones offered by companies such as Yealink are perfect examples. These Wi-Fi ready VoIP phones, which are available through your Ideacom telecom provider, can deliver a long list of capabilities and benefits, including:

  • Display contact information at a glance: Users can view caller and customer information easily right on the phone’s high-definition touch screen.
  • Truly personalize communications: Many Wi-Fi enabled phones offer an adjustable camera that allows you to easily make every call a face-to-face conference call if desired.
  • Convenient Web access: These phones provide more than a conversation device. They can browse the Web, display the user’s calendar, and more.
  • Recorded conversations: Keep valuable records of important conversations with the built-in recorder.
  • Customize phones to fit your business: These phones support the installation of third-party applications for convenient business customization.
  • Get exceptionally clear communication: The high-definition sound on these new phones provides a clearer, cleaner conversation than you can get on most cell phones.
  • Protect your investment: By integrating cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, these phones protect your telecom investment. They provide effortless deployment and broad interoperability with UC platforms and IP PBX systems.

These all-new smart media phones put productivity-enhancing visual communication into the ease of a standard phone. Just as the creation of VoIP brought powerful communication features to businesses of all sizes, Wi-Fi IP phones like these can dramatically improve the ease with which your business communicates.

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