The past 3 months have been personally and professionally challenging for all of us. Our ability to survive and thrive during the Pandemic has been put to the test.

Although it’s not over yet, it’s time to get back to business and some sense of normalcy. I think it’s great to see our communities begin to re-open, as well as the businesses that were forced to actually shut down.

But we need to remain aware that the virus still exists and take the necessary precautions while we’re out and about, or getting together with family, friends, and clients to prevent the spread so we avoid getting sick.

Shifting gears…

As many of us continue working from home, or are starting to get back to the office, you may ‘STILL’ be facing intermittent (and annoying) Internet issues – mainly because of over-utilization of broadband infrastructure. And because voice and video are real-time, these ‘blips’ can affect your phone and video calls more than anything else, even though your computer appears to be online.

In the meantime, I want to help you understand that your cloud-based VoIP system has the highest reliability. It’s always online and always answering. But it’s the access to your system – from your desk phone, mobile app, or desktop app that could be negatively impacted if your (home or office) Internet service goes awry.

I can’t wait for 5G, but it’s still at least a couple years out until it’s fully deployed.

Hey, one way to look at it is to be grateful you have a VoIP system that is always online and accessible by your clients and employees. I was recently reminded of this by a client who posted that our phone system allowed their staff to stay in touch with each other and their vendors, and most importantly, with their clients during  the COVID-19 lockdown. They were able to remain ‘open for business’ by working remotely.

This is very comforting and inspiring! And fortunately, they were not the only ones. In March and April, we helped thousands of people transition from their office to their homes. And some are still working from home.

Since we cannot control the reliability of anyone’s Internet service, there are a few things you can do while working remotely if your Internet decides to take a ‘break’(pun intended) ?

You can:

  1. Disable Wi-Fi on your mobile phone and let your cellular LTE or 3G service connect your mobile app to your phone system so you can make and take calls, internal and external.
  2. Activate find-me / follow-me to simultaneously ring your cell phone on inbound calls.
  3. Enable email notification for voice mail. Remember, the cloud always answers your calls and the caller can leave you a message. With email notification, you can listen to the message, then tap their caller ID to quickly return the call.

So if you experience any blips or outages, I hope this gives you some ideas about how you can take control and get back to work.

Let us know if you have questions about how you can better utilize your cloud-based VoIP system.

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