Do you remember that “obscure thing” IT people used to refer to when describing a complex application? An abstract concept that became part of marketing promotions and sales presentations. Now only a few short years later, it’s not so foreign anymore. Technical or not, it has become a common phrase in our vocabulary.

What the heck am I talking about? You know. It’s “the cloud”. The cloud… Isn’t it amazing to see how far “the cloud” has progressed over the past 10 years? And despite the fact that “the cloud” has become better understood, there’s still some mystery as it continues to evolve, displacing traditional hardware-based voice & data systems.

More and more companies are favoring the subscription-based “hosted” model over the traditional “premise-based” hardware model. Which means that cloud-based solutions are gaining serious momentum.

Gartner expects cloud computing to reach $250 billion by 2017.

The rationale for this growing trend comes down to a few key benefits:
1. Risk – Putting your applications in the cloud makes you less susceptible to a catastrophic event that could bring your business to its knees.
2. Lower maintenance – There’s less hardware (and software) to maintain.
3. Disaster recovery / business continuity planning – Cloud-based voice & data solutions give your staff the ability to access their information from in or out of the office. So if inclement weather or disaster strikes, your business can continue to operate.
4. Cost – When you factor in everything, your total cost of ownership is lower in the cloud.

The-cloud-with-an-ethernet-portThe cloud is moving the needle and becoming a viable solution to many organizations. Traditional hardware-based voice & data systems are being replaced by more flexible and cost-effective cloud-based services and applications.

IDeACOM is proud to represent some of the leading cloud-based service providers in the industry. Let us help you identify how to get the best results in your voice & data network.

A few other noteworthy announcements:

1. Check out our new commercial. It began airing this week on “The Rock of New Jersey”, WDHA. You can also find it on our website in the blue section of our Home Page titled “On The Air”.
2. Zultys Cloud Services received the “Product of the Year” award. We are very proud to be associated with Zultys as one of their premier channel partners.
3. Comcast was ranked as the fastest growing U.S. Ethernet provider with their Ethernet Dedicated Internet Service.

Contact your IDeACOM representative for more details…

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