We are focused keeping you informed about VoIP technology! Specifically, how it can help your company collaborate more efficiently and communicate more cost-effectively with staff and clients.

Last month we invited you to tap into our expertise by requesting a VoIP demo or test drive.

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This includes monthly articles about:

  • VoIP technology and the telecom industry
  • Best practices gained from our extensive experience in the field
  • Case studies generated from the results our recommendations deliver
  • And a variety of solutions that solve common communication obstacles and challenges


We strive to ensure that the content we’re publishing is relevant and providing value to you.

But what if you’re an IDeACOM client who has already implemented a VoIP solution?

In this case, we invite you to request some follow-up training. Or schedule a meeting to discuss how your business is changing and learn about how new technology initiatives could align with and complement what you’re doing.

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We value your feedback and welcome your input. So please let us know how we can serve you better.

And thank you for your continued support and confidence in IDeACOM Communications Group. We are here for you!

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