Social media is changing the way we communicate.  Yet despite its rapid growth and popularity, the telephone is still one of the most important tools that businesses rely on every day.  However, that role is changing.  So we’re going to share a few ideas on how you can best utilize your phones and adapt to today’s market.  

We’re often asked about what other companies are doing to differentiate from competitors, improve customer service, or reduce operating expenses.  While there are many potential solutions, we’ve summarized the “Top 3 Requested App’s” that have had the most significant impact for our clients over the past year.

  1. Remote phones can help you differentiate and improve support by allowing staff to work from home, thereby extending the boundaries & capabilities of your organization beyond the perimeter of your office.  This can also be accomplished by linking multiple offices in a seamless voice network.  Consider this: How could tele-commuting add value to your organization?
  2. The Find-Me / Follow-Me feature improves accessibility by letting you to answer inbound calls anywhere.  This could be your office extension, your cell phone, your remote phone, or any other phone that you’re associated with.  Consider this: Are you on the go and missing important calls?
  3. Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone service provides many tangible benefits including automatic disaster recovery “failover”, and the ability to have a local presence anywhere with centralized answering.  Oh, and there’s usually a cost reduction to your monthly phone bill.  Consider this: Does saving money pique your interest?

Think about the possibilities – they’re endless.  Are you trying to provide a higher level of service with fewer resources?  How about expanding your hours of operation by incorporating staff in other time zones?  Or does the negative impact that unexpected outages, emergencies or inclement weather can have on your operation concern you?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, or get a preview of other high-impact app’s that companies are deploying, simply reply to this email or contact us.

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