So much has been written about the subject of “time management”. Time is one of our most precious resources and we’re going to focus on it this month. We’ve all learned time management “how to’s” over the years including how to save 2 hours a day, how to get more done in less time, and how to improve your productivity & efficiency. Countless books have been written, seminars conducted, and software developed; all to aid in the process of improving how we manage our time.

According to time management expert Brian Tracy, if you spend 10 to 15 minutes a day planning, you’ll save 2 to 3 hours in execution. Effective time management is basic in theory, but not always as simple to execute. Start with a notebook and a pen, and list your major tasks for the day. Sort out your “have to’s” from the “want to’s”. Then prioritize each one in order of importance (A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2…), and go to work on your highest priority.

We all encounter a lot of distractions throughout the day so it takes a lot of focus, concentration and persistence. It can be likened to a muscle where it gets easier and you get better at it the more you work it. Some tasks need to be broken down into smaller steps and prioritized. Complete as much as you can for each task, then move on to your next highest priority. All the while, trying to minimize or eliminate distractions that can take you off course.

So how can your phone system help you manage your time better, or help to improve productivity & efficiency within your organization? Here are some of the app’s that we’ve found to have a positive impact. The possibilities and benefits are endless and only limited by your imagination.

  • Find me / follow me for road warriors and mobile executives allows everyone to stay “connected”.
  • Mobile app’s on your PDA extend your phone system’s functionality — anywhere.
  • Secure instant messaging & chat app’s on your PC or PDA improves “real-time” internal communications and customer service.
  • Outlook contact dialing from your PC or PDA is convenient, accurate and saves time.
  • Integrated web conferencing app’s for conducting sales presentations, training sessions and staff meetings expands your reach.
  • Call recording allows you to capture details during a phone call for later review, for training & quality assurance, or to share w/a team member.
  • Buddy lists for “one-click” dialing, along with availability and hook state at a glance (busy, DND, in a meeting…) help you connect and make decisions faster.
  • Tele-worker support can eliminate commute time and inclement weather delays.
  • Visual voice mail with Caller ID lets you quickly identify messages and prioritize your callbacks.
  • Database dips will save time, improve service and route calls more accurately.
  • Advanced reporting and tracking can optimize staffing and improve customer service.

In closing, time management isn’t easy but it’s vital to your personal and professional success. You can count on IDeACOM’s experience and ability to deliver reliable and results-oriented communication solutions, backed by responsive & knowledgeable support.

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