Is your company moving or expanding?

Do current IT applications require more bandwidth?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your cable broadband bill?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, IDeACOM can help!

IDeACOM Communications Group is affiliated with Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI), one of the nation’s largest IT Services technology partners.

You can think of TBI as the “Select Quote” resource of the life insurance market, but instead in the IT/Telecom industry for finding and ordering high speed broadband Internet services, plus a whole lot more…

TBI can identify the options that are available in your area, including the providers and pricing based on the amount of bandwidth needed.

Having a side-by-side comparison that contains a summary of all available options makes TBI one of IDeACOM’s most valuable vendor-partners.

Think about how daunting it can be to try to find out who can provide Internet access to an area you’re opening a new office in or moving to.

How many phone calls with excessive hold times does it take with no guarantee that the company you called can help?

Not to mention all the time that’s wasted getting the run-around in the process.

IDeACOM can simplify this for you.

Send us an email with the address where you need service, and we’ll have a side-by-side comparison with pricing back to you in a few days.

Contact your IDeACOM representative with questions or to get a quote.

That was easy!

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