To say that technology is changing at a rapid pace is not only stating the obvious, but clearly an understatement.  We’re being bombarded with an overload of information from all different directions and mediums. 

You’ve been reading and hearing about “the cloud” for many years.  Today, there’s a tremendous buzz about cloud-based applications.  In fact, you may already be directly or indirectly utilizing some form of “the cloud” in you business, and gaining a cost-saving or productivity-enhancing benefit.

Cloud-based data app’s including hosted email and enterprise software are abundant, while voice app’s are gaining momentum.  While voice is the rage du jour, voice is a completely different species and cannot be treated in the same way.  Why?  Because unlike the data app’s, voice is susceptible to internal & external influences that can impact call quality. 

These include delays and loss that make the difference between a good call; the kind that we all expect based our past history, and a bad call.  A bad call could be Darth Vader on the other end, or may sound like the other person is under water.  The extra 3 seconds of “hourglass” on your screen are okay for email delivery, but it doesn’t bode well for a voice or video call.

Discussing the potential for bad calls isn’t meant to scare you or cast a black cloud over the technology; we simply want to make the point that there are significant differences between voice and data, and as a result, each needs to be deployed appropriately.  Voice over IP (VoIP) offers tremendous benefits and can provide significant monthly savings.

In a previous blog we discussed the 3 elements of VoIP.  So based on your situation and the role of the 3 elements, we can help you determine the best method for deploying voice on your network.  To discuss this further or to schedule a VoIP analysis, contact your IDeACOM representative for more details.

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