The current COVID-19 conditions are distressing, to say the least. But if there are any silver linings, (and there are), these conditions are forcing all of us to innovate by finding new ways to manage our personal and professional lives as we attempt to maintain some sense of normalcy.

Our entire focus over the past month has been on helping our clients implement and adjust to the mandatory work-from-home order that we are forced to adhere to, which is now extended at least one month at this point, but may last longer.

From an IT deployment and support perspective, this can be a challenging time dealing with the unanticipated variables that a mass exodus from our offices to our homes presents. This includes challenges with home networks and Internet access, network security, over-utilized broadband networks that can cause intermittent issues or failures, and stressed out people trying to cope.

Communication is vital, now more than ever…

If you feel disconnected from your clients and employees, IDeACOM can help you discover new ways to communicate during this chaotic and challenging time.

In addition to work from home solutions through voice over IP, opening a new channel of communication – through business texting and live chat on your website could have a significant positive impact on staying connected.

Stay connected with a customized IDeACOM work-from-home solution

Here are just a few ways IDeACOM can help you during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. deploy a temporary, cloud-based adjunct to your current phone system that keeps your core team engaged and in communication with clients.
  2. open a new channel of communication – through business texting and live chat on your website, which can have a significant positive impact on customer service and overall communications.
  3. add a video /screen-sharing solution.
  4. activate hosted Exchange email, Office 365, cloud storage, or web-faxing.

But please understand… under these extreme conditions, there is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. There can unfortunately be hiccups or other challenges due to over-utilization of broadband networks and other unforeseen variables.

We are here for you and stand ready to assist. To place a service or support request, please email

IDeACOM COVID-19 Support Message: IDeACOM is available and will continue to support your Company’s communication needs as best as we can. However, due to the severity of the current Coronavirus crisis, until further notice, all IDeACOM support will be done remotely. We hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, be well and stay safe!

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