Point and click. It sounds like we’re talking about photography or digital cameras, but we’re not.

The point and click that I’m referring to is directed at the coolest Unified Communication (UC) desktop app you’ll ever find. What is it? It’s MXIE!Swiss-Army-knifeMXIE, the Zultys UC desktop solution that enables you to easily and efficiently manage your voice communications experience. MXIE is like a Swiss Army knife. Anything from voice, IM/chat, video, visual voice mail, call recording, presence, fax, hot desking, telecommuting, Outlook integration, click-to-dial, find-me/follow-me, email notification, and other user preferences is a snap. But what I really wanted to talk with you about today is CONFERENCING.

MXIE Conference Call

Tap into your built-in Zultys conference bridge. You can quickly establish ad-hoc conference calls on the fly. Or you can easily “schedule” them with others and their calendar. The system will automatically populate all relevant fields for the calendar invite including the call-in phone number, a unique 8-digit PIN for entry into the scheduled call, and the date & time.

Do you need someone to establish multi-party calls for you, but not actually participate or need to be present after the set up? No worries. Consider it done with one click.A Businessman juggling balls on white backgroundAre you paying a conferencing service provider for conference calls? Why not leverage your Zultys phone system instead? As long as the number of callers doesn’t exceed your phone lines, you can handle it. For the larger calls, let’s say over 15 or 20 participants, then it makes sense to keep your 3rd party conferencing provider.

What about presentation and web conferencing solutions like Webex or Go To Meeting? Want to host your own? You can when you integrate the Zultys MX Meeting appliance. For a low one-time cost, you essentially have your own in-house Webex solution for client presentations, webinars, demonstrations, and staff meetings. And IT can save time by using it for remote support.

You can count on Zultys to continue leading the voice over IP revolution. And you can depend on IDeACOM to deliver the world class service & support to keep your VoIP systems humming and end users happy.

If you would like to learn more about the Swiss Army knife of voice over IP and how to command it best for your organization, contact your IDeACOM representative to schedule a brief meeting or conversation. And ask about our popular “test drive” program where you can try before you buy.Zultys Cloud Services Logo - 1Zultys ~ in your closet or in the cloud You decide.

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