It’s a new year and hard to believe Q1 is already behind us – Happy Spring BTW!

Times are changing and I want to discuss ways to work more effectively.

And maybe with a little more efficiency and productivity too…


By leveraging the “power of the cloud” through your phone system!

Old habits die hard… I know!

But these old habits can sometimes impede progress. Here’s an example:

People still believe that communications revolves around their desk phone.

And while this may be their primary method for making and taking calls – that belief is either out of habit or due to the limitations of their system.

Please allow me to expand your thoughts on this…

Here are a few tweaks you can quickly and easily implement:

  • Incorporate contact center capabilities for an improved customer service experience
  • Add SMS texting or live chat to your company’s communication channels
  • Create custom call handling rules
  • Enable email notification
  • Use your desktop app
  • Use your mobile app
  • Meet with video

Let’s take a look at each one for some basic ideas and practical applications.

Incorporate contact center capabilities for an improved customer service experience

  • Enhance the experience your clients have when they interact with your company.
  • The benefits are too numerous to list here, so let’s just look at a few:
    • Streamline inbound calls to the appropriate people or department.
    • Gain visibility into the performance of your overall team and individual members.
    • Distribute calls more effectively and evenly based on your goals, staffing, time of day…
    • The old saying holds true here – “You can’t manage what you can’t see!”. So take advantage of the real-time dashboards and statistical reporting as you tweak this critical function in your business.

Add SMS texting or live chat to your company’s communication channels

  • Cater to the preferences of your clients or patients.
  • Think about how often you text/chat vs. call – times are changing.
  • The ability for a client or patient to “call or text” your main company phone number or direct dial number is a common practice (and expectation) today.
  • And live chat adds yet another dimension to your Company’s support capabilities.
  • Expand beyond the boundaries of phone calls and email.

Create custom call handling rules

  • Each employee or department has different requirements. Cater to their individual needs for handling inbound calls throughout the day – wherever they’re working from, even on the run.
  • And establish time-of-day and day-of-week boundaries for times when they’re not available.
  • Simple, robust, and flexible…

Enable email notification

  • Even if you can’t always answer the call, you can (still) be notified when voicemail messages are left. And have the opportunity to listen to messages wherever you are and return those calls as you are able.
  • Get notified immediately when someone leaves you a voicemail message.
  • Quickly listen to the message while you’re on the go.
  • One tap or one click to call them back. It couldn’t be easier.

Just a few more to go…

Use your desktop app

  • Phone systems have come a long way over the past 10 years! And your desktop app should be an integral component.
  • Whether it’s using features like click-to-call, drag ‘n drop transfers, or visual voicemail with transcription to read or listen to voicemail messages, it’s all at your fingertips with a mouse-click, wherever you are working!
  • Tap into the integrated softphone with a Bluetooth headset, or whatever works best for you.

Use your mobile app

  • It’s your extension in your pocket.
  • Work from anywhere if that’s your thing.
  • Contact co-workers by simply dialing their extension number (as if you were at your desk).
  • You can even transfer calls that you answer on your mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

Meet with video

  • This capability spiked as a result of Covid lockdowns. But you can still use it to your advantage.
  • This includes one-on-one (virtual face-to-face) meetings, multi-participant staff meetings, incorporating remote staff or satellite offices, etc.
  • There are many advantages, and yes, there can be challenges or disadvantages. 

Ok, so what do you think? Did any of these points resonate with you?

By leveraging the cloud, each of these points are achievable regardless of where you are working from – including all from the same office, working remote from home or wherever, or in a mixed environment.

Now that’s powerful!

Are you ready to leverage the “power of the cloud” through your phone system?

Contact your IDeACOM representative.

Still unsure… or have some questions?

We can help!

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