Been there. Said that…

Feel free to fill in the blank __________ if you can relate. Use an extra sheet if needed.

Thankfully, losing Internet service is a rare occurrence. But it can happen.

And when it does, our “connected world” comes to a grinding halt as a result of our reliance on technology.

But it doesn’t have to derail you completely.

My goal is to help you stay informed about the possibilities, and find ways to function despite a service interruption or outage.

Let’s look at the 5 most common scenarios. Perhaps you are unable to:

  1. Log onto a website.
  2. Access your company files to work on a spreadsheet, proposal, etc.
  3. Place an outbound call from your desk phone.
  4. Receive an inbound call on your desk phone.
  5. Send or review an important email.

So if the Internet is down, let’s look on the bright side and find something positive to do so you can keep the needle moving forward, instead of getting upset.


The first thing you should do is report the trouble to your Internet service provider (ISP) to make sure they’re aware of it. They may also be able to provide you with a timeframe when service will be restored, which could help you make other decisions about what to do.

Next, let’s look at solutions to the 5 most common scenarios mentioned above.

  1. If it’s that important, use your smartphone. Or just go home to work.
  2. Is there something you can do offline? Do you have access to those files on your smartphone? Otherwise, go work from home.
  3. Just make the call from your mobile phone. If you have a VoIP solution, use the mobile app to send your office caller ID (if it matters).
  4. You may not be able to answer the inbound call on your desk phone during the outage, but the caller will still get answered. It’s up to you if that’s going to happen on your mobile phone or in voice mail.
  5. It’s 2016 for crying out loud. Use your smartphone, or go home to work.

What else can you do during the interruption?

  • Enjoy being “off the grid” for a while.
  • Go analog. You know, pen and paper.
  • Plan.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Take a power nap.
  • Organize your workspace.
  • Get all stressed out and lose your temper. (No, don’t do that!, but stop whining.)

This all seems pretty obvious, but in the face of a crisis we don’t always think as clearly as we would under normal circumstances.

There are ways to function despite a service interruption or outage. But as your VoIP service provider, we’re only human. Our hands are tied if you’ve lost Internet or power. Your phones just won’t work without those 2 things. But fortunately you’ve got options.


The advantages of voice over IP (VoIP) over traditional phone systems are plentiful; even during a service interruption or outage. So be grateful that you’ve equipped your business with a “disaster-resilient” solution, and make the best of it.

Some things are just out of our control, so it doesn’t pay to get stressed over it.

And as we learned from Forrest Gump, “It Happens!”.

Thanks for reading. If you need assistance designing a solution, contact IDeACOM for ideas.

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