Image“Hey [hey], you [you], get off of my cloud”…  The Rolling Stones recorded this hit back in 1965; a few years before cloud computing and voice over IP became a hit with so many companies.  Two may have been a crowd on their cloud, but wait ’til you see what Zultys is up to.

Well, Zultys recently introduced an all new cloud-based IP phone system with software release 9.0.  The featured enhancement of this new release, known as MXvirtual, totally revolutionizes the system’s capabilities & value proposition to its end users.  MXvirtual marries the integrated, robust architecture that Zultys is renowned for, with the flexibility & resiliency of VMware virtualization that enterprises rely on.  Click here for an MXvirtual brochure; or for more details about Zultys, click here.

Until now, you’ve been forced to decide on 1 of 2 completely different types of voice over IP offerings – either a premise-based server or a cloud-based service.  One or the other, but not both; despite the fact that they each had their own respective “sweet spots” with some overlap where either solution would suffice.

This new MXvirtual enhancement puts YOU, the end user, in the driver seat.  MXvirtual offers you the most secure, reliable and robust VoIP offering.  You can host it in your cloud, you can host it in the Zultys cloud, you can install it directly on your premises, or a combination of these 3 options.  Now that’s flexibility and game changing!!!

So if you’re on the fence about whether to deploy a premise-based VoIP system or a cloud-based hosted VoIP service, Zultys gives you a choice, and with proven software.  Contact your IDeACOM representative for more details and for a demo of the MX system.  And if you’re confused about VoIP, or ya just can’t get no satisfaction, tap into the expertise of the VoIP specialists at IDeACOM.

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