so you can work remote but remain connected

You and your employees need to work from home.

IDeACOM can create a “virtual system” as if you were all back in the office working together.

As the novel COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, new restrictions are being placed on our personal and professional lives. And the uncertainty is growing.

But there’s one thing certain at IDeACOM – we can help you remain dispersed but connected with your staff and your clients.

IDeACOM can help you manage the uncertainty with cost-effective remote solutions including:

  • a temporary mobile phone system that allows you and your team to work from home.
  • video and screen sharing solutions to stay connected and engaged with employees and clients.
  • email and shared network storage & backup utilities to keep your data accessible and secure.

Talk to us about your changing needs.

We have the tools to customize a solution that fits your emerging requirements during these uncertain times.

And if your company is struggling to communicate due to the limitations of your old phone system, IDeACOM can help you deploy a temporary (or permanent) phone system while you work from home.

Together, we can get through this!

Let us help you.

. . .

* Special note about 911 and working from home: Please be aware that 911 is NOT supported if you deploy a temporary work from home solution. This means if you are using the mobile phone app, remote desk phones, the desktop app, or soft phones, you are NOT set up for 911. If you call 911 from one of these devices, emergency responders will show up at your office; not your home.

However, if you have been configured for permanent remote access prior to the COVID-19 work from home mandate, your remote desk phone or desktop software app (NOT mobile) will support 911 (but we urge you to check with us to confirm).

And if this temporary work from home arrangement becomes more permanent for you, please email your extension number and complete home address to so we can update your user profile to support 911 from your home location.

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