Picture this… your office move date is approaching quickly and Verizon is a “no-show”.  How can you move without dial tone?  Answer: YOU CAN’T!  Unless you have IDeACOM on your team.

This recently happened to one of our clients; well actually, it’s the 3rd time it’s happened in the past 6 months.  Moves are stressful enough, and the last thing you need is the threat of your first day or first few weeks of operation without phone lines.

In most areas in New Jersey, Verizon is known as the underlying carrier.  They are regulated and responsible for delivering the “last mile”.  And in these 3 cases, they didn’t.  Well, that’s not exactly true – they did eventually deliver the services, from one to six weeks late.

So we took matters into our own hands, leveraged the power of some new voice over IP (VoIP) technology & services, and engaged our trusted vendor-partners AccessLine and Zultys.  And the end result was that each of these 3 clients were able to complete their moves on time, with complete success!

So how did we accomplish this?  The IDeACOM Network’s extensive vendor-partner portfolio includes the world’s leading suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services.  The IDeACOM Network uses its collective buying power to ensure that its members receive the most favorable, long-term vendor agreements and discounts available, which enables us to provide our clients w/compelling & competitive choices.

In these specific cases where Verizon didn’t deliver the last mile on time, IDeACOM capitalized on each clients’ high-speed broadband service to route inbound and outbound calls.  At the heart of this solution was the powerful Zultys MX 250 voice server and the responsive & reliable AccessLine SIP Trunking VoIP phone service.  We are very grateful and fortunate to have such high quality and committed vendor-partners on our side.

We’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to learn more about this topic, or get a preview of other high-impact app’s, leave a comment below or contact us.

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