Cloud-based phone systems possess a wealth of functionality that can be extremely powerful (and valuable) to your business, especially during and after COVID. The key is to find the right partner, who has the experience and expertise to understand your requirements (perhaps some that are common, and some that are unique to you). And then to implement the right ones in a way that provides maximum results for you!

If you have a cloud-based phone system – and you’re trying to enhance or improve how it’s handling your Company’s changing needs, then you’ll need to make sure that your current vendor is capable and up for the task. Otherwise, it may be time to find a new vendor.

There are plenty of inherent productivity-enhancing features in most cloud-based systems. And we can help you discover the ones that would be beneficial to your company.

If you have a legacy digital system – and you’re thinking about a new cloud-based phone system, then selecting the right vendor becomes paramount; not deciding who has more features or the best price.

Notice how it usually comes down to the vendor, not the system. Sure, occasionally you may find that the system has limitations that just can’t be overcome. And if they’re important enough, then it could be time to replace your system.

But here’s a little-known secret: The cloud-based VoIP subscription model is based on a monthly phone bill with a minimal up-front investment. This is far superior and not even close to the old days (before cloud-based VoIP) where you had a monthly phone bill and a significant up-front investment in your new phone system, which made it near impossible to justify replacing it before its expected 5 to 7-year lifecycle was over.

Today it’s much easier to move to another vendor because you are not faced with a significant financial loss. It is simply a shift in phone bills.

And one last point, don’t be fooled by someone recommending to re-use your old digital phones with the new “supposed” VoIP system they’re recommending. That’s ridiculous! And it’s deceitful…

There are still, but fortunately only a few, “hybrid systems” on the market that are pretending to be, and promoting themselves as a VoIP solution.

They’re not!

It’s a legacy digital system with a facelift. And the same flaws as the legacy system model.

It’s important to understand that you can’t re-use digital phones on a network-based VoIP system. Try taking your digital desk phone home tonight and plugging it into the back of your cable modem.

Actually, don’t do that… I can tell you what will happen – nada!

Sorry, I got off-track.

Talk to IDeACOM about how to get the most out of your VoIP system.

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