The Zultys award-winning Media Exchange Interface for End Users, better known as “MXIE” is an intuitive desktop software application that can integrate and manage all of your Company’s communications, and then some. To say MXIE provides a wealth of useful benefits would be an understatement.

Bull with EffectsIf MXIE is new to you, I highly encourage you to think differently about how you communicate. Take the bull by the horns and discover how this innovative tool can improve communications for you internally, externally, on the go, and globally.

If you’re a new or experienced MXIE user, then you can relate to the convenience associated with inbound caller ID screen pops, click-to-call auto dialing, and drag ‘n drop transfers; all from your computer desktop with your mouse & keyboard.

You probably also know how to build your buddy list for instant visibility of your co-workers regardless of their location, or yours. And of course the benefits gained by interacting real-time with instant messaging & presence status overcomes many of the communications bottlenecks that slow decision-making and negatively impact workflows.

Perhaps you didn’t know that visual voice mail allows you to view and listen to your voice mail messages in the order you decide, and then click to callback? Or that using ScreenDial™ will quickly initiate a call from any web page, Outlook contact, or electronic document? How about easily scheduling a 20-party audio call or web conference with Outlook calendar integration? And then there’s the dreaded add-hoc conference call. Well, with MXIE it’s easy to establish that 5-party call on the fly?

These are all things you can do, usually in a click or 2. How’s that for simple? One of the more common concerns we hear is “What if I disconnect someone by accident?” ANSWER: They’ll call back. Or better yet, you can beat them to the punch by using click-to-call in your call log and call them back before they ever know what happened. Then you can blame it on my user training. Problem solved.

While we’re rolling here, please don’t forget about secure high definition video calls, desktop faxing, and integrated full-time or manual call recording, as they each serve a meaningful purpose. Assuming that you may not be using these tools at the moment, don’t just write ’em off for that reason. They may satisfy a specific, unrecognized need within your organization. How’s that for an all in one solution?

But wait, there’s more…

We need to mention some killer road warrier app’s like find-me/follow-me, twinning, and email notification with voice mail? Or remote access with using either MXIE’s built-in softphone or your mobile phone as your extension? MXconnect lets you designate any phone as your office extension. And while we’re on the topic of remote access, MXIE can become a real team player in your disaster recovery plan.

I’ve thrown a lot at you. It may be worth a follow up training session with IDeACOM to explore & evaluate how to empower your team with some added skills for using MXIE to the MAX!

Join the conversation by leaving your comments about how MXIE is helping your organization. We’d love to hear your success story. And feel free to like & share this post if it was helpful.

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