The cloud is dominating our lives, in a good way.

It’s changing the way we do everything – personally and professionally.

Think about how your life is influenced and enhanced by “the cloud”.

You have access to virtually everything in the palm of your hand. Your smartphone gives you tremendous power. With just one tap, you can view a real-time update on the stock market, check the time, or get the latest weather forecast. It looks a little cloudy at the moment.

You can look up a recipe, read a book, take a picture (or video), get directions (or the train schedule), book a tee time, deposit a check, crunch numbers, get a ride (or Lyft), pay for a cup of coffee, listen to music, track a workout, and buy anything under the sun.

Think about how you watch TV and movies. Or how Google and Amazon have changed the way you do things. Does Fedex or UPS show up at your home more often than they did, say 10 years ago?

And I haven’t even made a phone call or arrived at work yet. Amazing!!!

At work, everything is migrating to the cloud too. If it hasn’t changed already, it’s just a matter of time until your email, software / programs, and files will all reside in the cloud.

voip_dialingAnd that includes your phone system. Hello VoIP!

It all makes Perfect Sense. Especially from a business continuity perspective.

Business continuity (aka disaster recovery) is on everyone’s mind today.

It’s wise to evaluate the value the cloud can deliver to your organization. But it’s not solely about business continuity; although that’s one of the main attractions. Many business leaders justify the cloud’s benefits for other reasons, including:

  • Simplification (less is more in terms of equipment needs, maintenance, licensing, etc.)
  • Cost (even if it costs more for the monthly service, the overall net cost is still less most of the time)
  • Accessibility (anytime, anywhere)
  • Remote Access (for recruiting talent, creating flexible schedules, or just plain road warriors)
  • Integration and Collaboration (unify multi-site, geographically dispersed teams and remote employees)

So you’re probably thinking “What’s up with the title Another One Bites The Dust!?”. I’m glad you asked.

Not only is it a great Queen song, it represents our latest 150-seat VoIP deployment for a client with locations in north Jersey and Phoenix. Which means that two more premise-based digital phone systems have been displaced by the cloud. They bit the dust!

And as a result, two offices are operating more cohesively, under one cloud, as one company.

This was IDeACOM at its finest. We leveraged The IDeACOM Network in many ways that benefited our client:

  • The requirements were extensive so we installed a Zultys Cloud Services VoIP solution.
  • All of the network infrastructure equipment was provided by Target Distributing, and financed by Graybar Financial Services.
  • The installations were completed by IDeACOM members in each local market. And this includes ongoing support.
  • Our client is extremely pleased with the entire process, including implementation and functionality of the Zultys Cloud Services solution. And the 40-seat call center is buzzing with calls. Cha-ching!


Is your phone system ready to bite the dust?

Then contact the VoIP specialists at IDeACOM. We’ll take the time to discover your true needs. And provide you with ideas and options in a customized, turn-key solution. All backed with knowledgeable local support.

It doesn’t get much better than this…

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