Have It Your Way… In your office, in your cloud, in someone else’s cloud, or “Hosted” in the Zultys cloud.

Once again, Zultys is way out in front of the competition in this over-crowded unified communications space. Zultys who, you ask??? That’s right, one of the best kept secrets in voice over IP. Introduced in 2003, Zultys offered one of the first IP-PBX’s on the market with their MX 250. It was a pure “SIP-based” VoIP server, 10 years before SIP emerged as the VoIP industry standard.

Over the past 10 years, Zultys developed one of the most powerful application & feature sets, and revolutionized the “all-in-one” concept with the MX 250 appliance. And while many UC vendors now tout all-in-one when referring to their VoIP platforms, you have to ask each of them what does all-in-one mean to them? To some it means all in one ‘building’; to others, all in one ‘room’; and yet many others define it as all in one ‘rack’. To Zultys it means all in one compact 2U server.

Earlier this year, Zultys once again revolutionized the industry with the introduction of MXvirtual™. Utilizing the market leader VMware, Zultys “virtualized” their award-winning software, allowing clients to take advantage of enhanced server utilization, comprehensive business continuity, and reduced costs. Not only does this provide a full suite of resiliency and failover capabilities with complete feature transparency, its game-changing design offers the lowest resource requirements of all enterprise class virtual UC solutions (a mouthful yet noteworthy).

Burger King - Have It Your Way So with MXvirtual™, you gained complete flexibility in how and where you choose to deploy your VoIP phone system – on your premise or off-prem in a data center (aka the cloud).

Now, a few months later, Zultys has stepped it up once again with their “Hosted VoIP” offering. That’s right – Zultys Hosted! You can have the same software apps, robust feature functionality, system management, and reliability in any flavor that you like. You can install it in your office, in a data center, or in Zultys’ hosted cloud. Would you like fries with that?

Needless to say, we are extremely excited about this unique approach that Zultys has taken, and at the same time, very proud to be part of the Zultys family. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, as the accolades are still resonating about Zultys and their MXvirtual™ release, they were recognized by the leading industry publication, TMC, and just presented with a Unified Communications Product of the Year award for 2014. Congratulations Zultys!!! You can view the announcement by clicking here.

And remember, you can always rely on the specialists at IDeACOM to help you understand the pros and cons of your specific situation. IDeACOM Communications Group is a uniquely positioned local VoIP service provider with a nationwide; check that, worldwide reach. We’ve become the VoIP specialists that you continue to depend on with confidence. Let us know how we can help you maximize your results with today’s technology and business solutions.

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