Last month we discussed the importance of the telephone, and despite the momentous impact of social media, we focused on how the telephone still plays a vital role in organizations of all sizes.  In addition, we looked at how new technology is allowing companies to extend their availability and reach beyond traditional means by way of remote telecommuting, connectivity between offices, and seamless integration with cell phones and mobile devices.

So how can you get the most out of your communications technology?  Has the new economy forced you to do more with less?  Are you looking for ways to “WOW” your clients and provide a better experience?  Or is your business forced to adapt to the limitations of your phone system and losing its competitive edge?  Although there’s no silver bullet, there may be a silver lining.

Personally, I find the “unified communications” platform to be a flexible tool that helps me save time and get results, which improves my ability to deliver service to my clients.  With a couple of mouse clicks in my MXIE desktop software client (see below), I can send an instant message, email or fax; launch a video call; record a call; establish an audio or web conference; and oh yeah, I can make a phone call.  I can also answer a call to my office anywhere in the world based on rules or preferences that I’ve established.

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So to continue last month’s theme where we left off, here are 3 more highly requested app’s:

  1. Call Recording can reduce your liabilities, and improve quality assurance & employee training.  Consider this: Although you may not be recording calls now, how could this add value to your organization?
  2. Voice Mail to Email Notification is essential for your mobile workforce including senior executives, outside sales, and field service personnel.  Consider this: How many important transactions or projects are delayed because you’re not in the office to take the call; and is that OK?
  3. Outlook Integration & Contact Dialing is a convenience that simply saves time.  Use your address book, or simply highlight a phone number on a website, email or any document and press CTRL-F12.  Consider this: Could this help any staff or departments that generate a lot of outbound calls?

Think about the possibilities – they’re endless.  Are you trying to provide a higher level of service with fewer resources?  How about expanding your hours of operation by incorporating staff in other time zones?  Or does the negative impact that unexpected outages, emergencies or inclement weather can have on your operation concern you?

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, or get a preview of other high-impact app’s that companies are deploying, contact us or share your thoughts by replying with a comment below.

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