Let’s face it, technology is moving at warp speed.  The rapid rate of change can be confusing and overwhelming at times.  With all of the marketing hype and propaganda about technology, cloud-based services, and voice over IP that hits your inbox, we can certainly empathize with how difficult technology evaluations and selections can be.

How can you gain an understanding and make informed decisions about what you need and what your business will benefit from when the playing field keeps changing?  Who can you believe and who can you trust?

Have you heard of XaaS?  For me it was only recently and refers to “anything as a service”.  More common examples include SaaS (software as a service), HaaS (my partner Jeff and hardware as a service), IaaS (infrastructure…), PaaS (platform…), CaaS (communications…), and the list goes on.  More to the point of change and confusion.

The process for acquiring a new phone system has also transformed quite dramatically, regardless of whether it’s premise-based or hosted in the cloud.  New VoIP solutions provide a wealth of tangible and intangible benefits that your current digital system couldn’t offer. This makes the buying process all the more complex.  Combine this with vendors that are stuck behind the technology curve and still providing legacy phone systems, also referred to as “converged or hybrid” systems.  You know, the ones that still support “digital” phones; and your evaluation will become even more perplexing.

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So what can you do to prepare yourself?  Especially when you don’t know what you need ’cause you don’t know what’s possible.  We believe it starts with a basic understanding of your business, followed up with some discussion and research about what’s available.  At this point you can start to solidify your must have requirements along with your wish list, and develop a specification that you’ll share with the vendor’s you’re evaluating.

It’s impossible to cover it all in this post but here’s a start, with the 3 New Elements of VoIP. These new elements encompass premise-based and hosted VoIP (since in our opinion, nothing else really matters in today’s market).

  1. Wiring & Topology: Although there’s a lot of discussion about the convergence of voice & data, you will minimize (or eliminate) the possibility of “issues” if you keep your voice and data networks separate.
  2. Carrier Services: What’s all the buzz around SIP Trunking (aka VoIP phone service) and how can it help you?
  3. Survivability & Internet Dependence: What happens in the event of a severe storm or extended power outage?  How will your company communicate with clients despite a catastrophe?

This is only a tip of the iceberg, and one of the main reasons you need a specialist to consult with and guide you through the process.  IDeACOM Communications Group is a uniquely positioned local VoIP service provider with a nationwide; check that, worldwide reach.  We’ve become the VoIP specialists that you continue to depend on with confidence.  Let us know how we can help you maximize your results with today’s business solutions!


VoIP Overview Webinar
IDeACOM is conducting individual and group webinars on voice over IP. Contact Mike to sign up and learn how you can be prepared for the next weather-related emergency or extended power outage.

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