It’s time to “think different” about your Company’s communications.

For example, how you interact with your team and other departments. Are they all located under one roof? Or spread across multiple floors or offices? How about any road warriors or work-from-home telecommuters?

Add to this calls to and from clients and vendors. And how about conference calls & webinars; or calls and text messages on your smartphone? Don’t forget about overhead page announcements. And we haven’t even mentioned the countless emails you get. Or meeting requests and drop-by visitors that “just need a minute”… The point being that we are all dealing with many different forms of communications.

Now this topic could easily turn into a post about time management techniques. Or productivity hacks to protect your valuable time from the onslaught of interruptions you face in any given day. But I promise not to take this in that direction. Instead, I would like you to think different about how your Company manages communications.

So how can your phone system save you time and help you manage communications at a higher level? One word:


MXIE gives you added intelligence with real-time visibility to make faster decisions. Think about it like a “communications dashboard”. To support your clients better. And give your staff the tools to manage things cohesively. When you harness the power of MXIE, you take back control over communications that can sometimes become challenging and chaotic.


It’s not only about voice anymore. MXIE integrates voice, chat, messaging, email, video, fax, and collaboration; but you have to think differently to reap these benefits. It’s about utilizing the best form of communication in a given situation, and leveraging it to your advantage.

As far as Unified Communications (UC) solutions, MXIE is one of the easiest and most interactive tools that we have been able to find. How do I know? Because we’ve evaluated the leading “cloud and premise-based” phone systems on the market, and MXIE comes out on top.

There are plenty of built-in desktop resources in MXIE that will save you considerable time and dramatically enhance all levels of communication within your organization. And MXIE will allow you to work from anywhere you have Internet access, if that’s important. Combine this with utilities that enable you to customize your communications by caller, situation, time of day, or weather-related emergency, and you’ve got a powerful resource on your side.

Be on the lookout for upcoming webinars on the MXIE value proposition. If you currently have MXIE, this could be a refresher, or an opportunity to re-discover your MXIE potential. If you don’t have MXIE yet, it’s a great way to evaluate the MXIE advantage and discover what MXIE can do for you.

If you prefer, we’d be happy to schedule a private MXIE training session. Send an email to And don’t forget about our VoIP “Test Drive” program which also includes MXIE. Contact your IDeACOM representative for details.

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