That’s right, you don’t have to abandon your existing phone system to take advantage of the cost-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits of new technology.

Let’s face it, the economy hasn’t recovered yet and who knows how long it’s going to take. And if you’re like most companies, you may be overdue for a new system, but not ready to make the financial investment at this time. So what are your options? You can keep plugging along w/your legacy system. You can buy a low cost new system, but sacrifice quality & service w/the low price tag. Or, you can accessorize your current system by VoIP-enabling it.

Accessorizing offers the best value. It allows you to minimize your capital expense while you leverage the advantages of the new gear. What are the benefits? To name a few: improved service & support w/cellular/PDA integration & unified messaging; cost savings w/Voice Over IP app’s; increased productivity w/teleworker support and web collaboration tools; and time savings w/Outlook contact dialing & caller ID enabled app’s.

Sound interesting? Contact your IDeACOM representative for more details.

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