As you know, MXIE has been a central focus to the Zultys unified telephony platform. What you may not know is that this has lasted for almost 20 years. And although she’s done an incredible job, it’s time for her to retire 😎

For the past few years, Zultys has been enhancing MXIE’s replacement, in search of providing a more collaborative desktop and user experience. Fast-forward to today and I am pleased to introduce you to ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator).

ZAC is a newer version of MXIE, which is being phased out and replaced this year. COVID unfortunately delayed our rollout of ZAC. But now is the time to get acquainted if you haven’t already.

ZAC works like MXIE, but ZAC has a more modern look and feel to it, along with a lot more functionality. You’ll notice a distinct resemblance to the Zultys MX Mobile app.

You can download the latest version of ZAC at Click on the DOWNLOAD ZAC icon to start the download.

Your username and password are the same as your current MXIE credentials. And the “host” field in ZAC is the same as the “URL” field in MXIE (with no www needed).

Here are a couple videos along with a quick reference guide in the links below.

ZAC Overview:

Moving from MXIE Operator to ZAC:

ZAC Setup and Quick Reference Guide:

Please contact your IDeACOM representative to request a copy of your personalized ZAC Setup and Quick Reference Guide.

In addition to providing a more streamlined process for transferring calls and communicating internally, some of ZAC’s newer functionality includes:

  • video
  • screen sharing
  • voicemail transcription
  • the ability to add SMS texting

If we haven’t already migrated you to ZAC, we’d like to schedule an upgrade to your Zultys system software, and follow that up with a move to ZAC which we will assist with.

And just in case you were wondering, there’s no additional cost for ZAC as long as you have MXIE licenses.

And if you’d like to add users, just contact your IDeACOM representative with any questions or requests for help.

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