The telecommunications industry has witnessed a lot of turmoil and turnover during the past few years.  More and more so-called “phone vendors” are entering (and exiting) the business.  The old test was to look at the Yellow Pages from 5 or 10 years past, and to compare the difference of vendors listed.  But since Google has become the “go to” resource for just about anything, and very few people use the Yellow Pages anymore, it’s no longer a valid test. 

According to LS NJ Law, the “let the buyer beware” expression is about how what you don’t know about a contract you are about to sign may hurt you.  What is “buyer beware” intended to mean to you in this post?  It’s about making sure that you select a qualified vendor-partner when it’s time to install your next phone system.

So how do you know if you’re evaluating the right vendor?  Just because they’ve repaired or installed a computer doesn’t qualify them to install your next phone system.  What’s their long-term commitment to the telecom industry?  And just because they may have fumbled their way through a botched VoIP installation doesn’t qualify them as a phone vendor. 

Installing a server-based VoIP phone system isn’t rocket science to an experienced organization; however, it can still be challenging due to the complexities and other vendors that sometimes need to be involved.  So, to the inexperienced vendor, you’re really asking for a miracle to happen.  And the last time I checked, a phone system is still considered to be the life-line of a business; at least that’s what everyone still tells me. 

IDeACOM has developed a detailed plan to help you effectively evaluate and select the “best fit” for your organization’s needs.  In addition, we have over 100 years of experience installing and maintaining telephone systems.  And we’ve been installing voice over IP since 2001. 

Not only do we believe that our commitment and experience enable us to make a significant difference, our clients continually reaffirm their appreciation and thanks – and that makes all the difference for us.  Contact us when you’re ready to experience the difference!

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