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Internet technologies have turned our world into a virtual office in which we can conduct business with employees, partners, suppliers, and, best of all, customers all across the globe.

Working in this virtual environment has become easier as well. Sophisticated video conferencing technologies make it possible to conduct face-to-face meetings as easily as it once was to walk down the hall into a meeting room.

Without the expense and hassle of travel, video conferencing allows you to make effective sales presentations, give product demonstrations, and conduct interactive collaboration via the Internet. You can share voice, video, text, and chat and conduct conferences as formal or relaxed as the situation requires.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Conferencing?

  1. Stay Connected with Remote Employees.
    One of the biggest benefits of video conferencing is how it enables remote work to not only be possible, but efficient. It is a helpful and cost-effective way to hold meetings – and it can change the way you work. In the past decade, the number of workers who telecommute has significantly increased. With video conferencing, it doesn’t matter where your meeting participants are located. Remote workers can easily connect with both their co-workers and with work processes.
  2. Hire More Efficiently
    Instead of flying a candidate across the country for an interview, video conferencing can save your company a great deal of money when it comes to recruiting, and candidates won’t have to set aside a day or more of travel time just to have an hour-long interview.
  3. Make Your Meetings More Efficient
    Video conferencing isn’t just for remote teams. Whether you want to bring in a co-worker who’s traveling or a business partner who cannot make the drive to your office, with today’s technology, holding a meeting via video helps people to feel like they’re in the same room as everyone else.Video conferencing isn’t just convenient; it can also help your team stay productive, even when there is bad weather. With video conferencing and other mobile strategies like using cloud-based apps, you can storm-proof your business.

There are many video conferencing solutions, including Intermedia’s AnyMeeting. There are many elements you should consider when evaluating solutions:

  • Features — Determine what the system allows you to share in terms of visuals and the options for communication between participants, i.e., screen sharing, multiple speakers, etc.
  • Ease of Use — Ensure that the system you select is intuitive enough to be used easily by all participants regardless of their experience or their on-site technology.
  • Security — Analyze what kinds of barriers might arise to giving attendees access to the conferences. These barriers can arise at registration, authentication, and getting past network firewalls. Also, you’ll need to be assured that your conferences and the conference content can be kept secure.
  • Support — Check the type of help menus available within the application, the training available, and how easy it would be to get live support during the conference if trouble arises.

The right video conferencing system makes it easy for you to expand your market to reach more buyers, tap employees from a larger talent pool, and more easily partner with those who provide special expertise that enhances what you offer. It can benefit your business by saving time, money, and company resources for holding meetings, conferences, training sessions, and more.

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