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Auto Attendant Best Practices

The possibility of an auto attendant or virtual receptionist eliminating the need to pay an employee to handle incoming calls at your business may be an appealing notion. It may be a big money-saving and time-saving tool. What is an opportunity for your business to be...

How Can “I” Help My Business?

Last month we discussed how “the cloud” can help YOUR business. This month I want to talk about how “you” can help YOUR business. It’s going to get a bit personal though. And for good reason... Let me start with some questions: Do you feel that you’re working too...

Dangers of Free Wi-Fi

On first glance, it appears the free Wi-Fi available in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and even shopping malls is a boon to you and your employees. It gives you all the opportunity to access your network and be more productive from anywhere. Unfortunately, this...

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