A New Way To Engage

Captivated is your silent assistant allowing you to handle dozens of conversations in the time it takes to listen to your voicemail or weed through your email. Take a look at how Captivated drives a new level of communication for your audience, while increasing sales, improving service, and driving loyalty.
Drastically improve communication for your entire staff. Let’s face it, your customers rarely pick up the phone when you call.
Text enabling your main number improves customer service and builds loyal fans. Drive engagement & increase reservations without picking up the phone.
Pre-School / Daycare
Peace of Mind. Offer working parents an easy way to reach your daycare center or preschool during the workday. Send photos and scheduled messages to update parents while they are away from their child.
Simple questions about insurance or appointment requests cause undo pain for your staff and your patients. Reaching out to confirm appointments or scheduling a call for a doctor has never been easier.
College Recruiting
The best way to engage with a prospective college student is through text. Endless calls waste your staff’s valuable time. Drive more inbound requests for information by letting prospective students text your admissions department directly.
Communicating with your tenants and prospects shouldn’t be hard. But the endless games of phone tag and the lost email chains can turn simple conversations into a big headache.
Event Venues
Everyone wants to know a guy when it comes to getting tickets. Imagine a fan saying, “Hey, I know a guy, let me text him.” The bottom line is that outbound calls are less and less effective, reach your fan base easily with personalized texts. Also perfect for guest relations during the event.
Home Services
Goodbye, Voicemail. Confirm homeowners are at home and ready for you to complete an installation or repair. Reach customers quickly instead of them ignoring a call from a number they don’t recognize.
Pet Care
Worry Free Trips. Send dog moms and dads updates and pictures while they’re out of town, giving them anxiety free travel with minimal interruptions. Communicate quickly and conveniently and stop the phone from ringing off the hook.
In the world of catering, responsiveness means everything. Use photos and video in our mobile app for quality control. Drive more business from your website with our Lead Gen tools.
You should be able to communicate directly and effectively when it comes to your guests. But if your customer service requires endless games of phone tag or lost email chains, you can make getting simple answers very complicated.
In the world of on-line, self-service, you are no longer competing with just the agency down the street.
Golf Courses
Short staffed? Don’t let the phone dominate your day. You can handle 8 text conversations in the time it takes for someone to try to land on a tee-time or ask what’s on the menu.
Members & Associations
Managing communication with large groups has never been easier. There is a better way to communicate than email and voice mail.
Professional Services
Being professional does not mean you are forced to use old-school communication methods. Time is money and nothing connects you to your clients faster than Captivated. Say goodbye to unread emails, phone tag and voicemail.
Big Box / Retailers
84% of customers DESPISE calling retail stores. Why not let them text you the same way they connect to their family and friends.
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